Noli me tangere

Creation 02/02/2013, Artdanse le festival, Dijon.

With Clara Cornil Design, choregraphy and interpretation
Pierre Fruchard Sound production
Jean Gabriel Valot Lighting design
David Subal, Anne Journo Outside eyses
Production : Les Décisifs
Coproduction : l'échangeur - CDC Picardie
with the support of Manège – scène nationale de Reims

I want to speak about birth.
Some may say that this subject is to intimate and personal. I believe that it is time to go back to this moment and rediscover what we have to say about birth, what we have to learn and understand about it. Giving birth is an extreme, radical and absolute act that engages all our being even beyond what we know of our bodies and ourselves. Birth is a passage, an initiation for the mother and child, for the couple. It reveals unknown aspects about us. It is a moment of revelation, of reconnection.

I have rediscovered in this project the notion of body-substance as I named it in 2007 following my research for Portraits intérieurs.
For this piece my attention is given to the body sensations of bursting, tearing, pressure, weight, gushing out. On the power and softness of energies and breath.
I’ll also address the notion of ritual.

“Noli me tangere”: don’t touch me, don’t hold me back
Jesus Christ spoke these words to Mary Madeleine when he left the tomb. They are present throughout the piece.
- The issue is related to moving from on plane to another, from a body of flesh to a body of light, from a body of light to a body of flesh, to incarnation, in a moment of transference free of retention…
- «Do not touch what shouldn’t be touched»; Jesus Christ asks Mary Madeleine to trust his vision instead of the material and tangible world. This trust, subtle and true, what is required at birth, allowing one to surrender to the present.
- «Don’t hold me back»; let me go, let me leave, let me be...
- A paradox between the untouched and the immense connection of touch with a newborn.
- On stage the dancer is untouchable.

Clara Cornil hopes to interview men and women to know about their feelings, their expectations, their fears in connection to this event. These discussions will be used as soundtrack.
From this solo, Clara wants to work with women and parents groups and to initiate support and sharing networks.

31 of march 2015, Théâtre d’Auxerre - scène conventionnée
the 25th & 26th of september 2014, l’Espal - scène conventionnée du Mans
from the 7th to the 23th of july 2014 at 12:00 (Break the 11th & 18th of july) in the Caserne des Pompiers à Avignon
the 19th of march 2014, Le Safran - scène conventionnée d’Amiens
the 11th of march 2014, Maison des arts et loisirs de Laon
the 27th & 28th of february 2014, CCAM - scène nationale de Vandœuvre les Nancy
the 6th of february 2014, le Nouveau Relax - scène conventionné de Chaumont
the 17th, 18th & 19th of october 2013, «Avis de turbulences», Etoile du Nord, Paris
the 25th of juny 2013, l’échangeur - CDC Picardie, Château Thierry
the 28th of may 2013, le Manège - scène nationale de Reims
CrEation the 2th of february 2013, Artdanse le festival, Dijon.