Transmission in the school setting

With Clara Cornill and David Subal at the Jouffroy college of Abbans de Sochaux – as part of the creative platform of MA national scene of Montbéliard. For this second consecutive year of presence at Sochaux College – The Laboratory The body of the link was held during the 2016-2017 school year – Clara Cornil and David Subal propose the following two-part Laboratories.
// Laboratoire Le corps du lien #2
 the 5th SEGPA having gone through a year of explorations with the artists and their teachers will share their Laboratory with kindergarten children of the Oaks. They will become godparents of younger children and have a mission of transmission. Materials (wool, wood, paper) become mediating objects and tools for reinventing the relationship with oneself and others, expressing one’s creativity in movement, creating scenographic spaces within the college. Through this transmission, it is a second phase of experiments and integration that will be added to the Laboratory.

// L’Essence des sens This second laboratory will be realized at the Ecomusée d’Alsace in the form of a week of immersion in the natural environment, during which David and Clara will share another part of their artistic approach, which involves and relates the body, art and the environment in situ. The Essence of the Senses will welcome the SEGPA 6th class as well as the ULIS group. It will be a question of living outside, to experience the creative act through the sensitization of the senses, to discover a sensitive body listening in relation to nature. He will propose to observe, to collect, to pace, to be guided, to organize together.  

> A David Subal project at Nelson Mandela High School in Audincourt as part of the creative platform of MA national scene of Montbéliard.
// Attention création David Subal will design play spaces for all students and staff. By experimenting with these “action zones”, they will question what creation is and they will be invited to express their creativity.  

> An artistic immersion at the Aumeunier-Michot College at Charité sur Loire as part of the Raisins Format festival With Clara Cornil and Pierre Fruchard.
// Bousculades élémentaires or how by connecting with water, earth, fire, air, ether, he will propose to revisit our own earth: our body. Welcomed in the upper room of the priory, the team composed of children and artists will invest this space of movements, words and presences. Pierre Fruchard will collect with children soundscapes of the city and the words of college students. Clara Cornil will share her time collecting materials in the landscape and invite children to discover the elements under other sensations.
Creation on July 5th at 3pm in the context of the Format Grapes festival at Charité-sur-Loire.