> Participatory event open to all
// PLANETARY DANCE with Clara Cornil, Pierre Fruchard, David Subal, in partnership with the association  ” l’Union fait la forge “.
Walking, running, dancing … nothing more simple than the Planetary Dance, participative dance open to all, imagined by the American choreographer Anna Halprin in 1987, in San Francisco. This ritual of peace and renewal, a tribute to the Earth and to Humanity, will take place this year on June 3rd in different countries of the world. For this 4th edition in Haute-Marne, hosted at the Forge de Colmiers-le-Bas, we close this event with the film by Cécile Faulhaber “The Other Connection, a school in the wilderness” which presents a model of education in nature based on native cultures.
> Sunday, June 3 at 15h at the Forge de Cormiers-le-Bas (52)
For a better organization, thank you to announce your participation in 06 64 25 44 36. Free participation