Clara Cornil founded the company Les Décisifs in 2004 and chose to locate it in la Haute-Marne, the region where she grew up.

Today the company works on three formats that artistically structure action and works created. These formats developed as a response to a variety of questions and researches that the artists were invited to examine either politically, culturally or socially around the projects they worked on together such as the relation between a performer and a spectator, what it means to be an artist, how to relate to a given territory; its population, its geography, its development…
As such, distinctive narratives for choreographic works have developed for theatre stages such as Bruisse, Là, Portraits intérieurs, ( H )AND( S ), Home, Noli me tangere, proposals in an outside setting such as Haïkus, Dans les bois, a piece for a park or forest, and projects for a region and its inhabitants such as Mobil'home – residence in action, participatory project for a village or a neighbourhood.

Over the last few years, Les Décisifs have confirmed their artistic stance that creates links between creation, participation and transmission, so that a dynamic co-construction emerges between the artist, the operator and the inhabitants. The position or stance of the artist, author, participant, spectator and witness have all become inseparable elements of our work.

Finally, we are very attentive to audiences of children, of amateurs and of professionals. Our projects encompass this component and are extended in the form of workshops, meetings during rehearsal time, training and participative proposals…

The company is currently terminating a long term residency at l'échangeur – CDC Picardie (2009-2013).
Les Décisifs were in residence at Nouveau Relax - scène conventionnée of Chaumont en Haute-Marne (from 2007-2010) and at Césaré – National Centre for Musical creation in Reims (from 2010-2011).
The company is supported by the regional office Champagne-Ardenne of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication under the line “support to companies” and by the Regional Council Champagne-Ardenne and the County Council of Haute-Marne.

2004 Là ; De l’O, de l’R  
2005 Bruisse
2006 Choreographic concert; Haïkus
2007 Inside Portraits; Pose # 1
2008 (H)ush AND (S)ilence
2009 (H)AND(S)
2010 Dans les bois (in the woods)
2011 Home
2012 Mobil'home
2013 Noli me tangere
2015 Yuj
2015 Calligraphies pour un paysage (calligraphies for a landscape)
video clips :