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RESSOURCE is the continuation of the territory projects conducted by the company since 2012: so many actions and proposals on the territory of Haute-Marne that connect, awake, gather.

// DANSE EN FAMILLE – give yourself a weekend of nature of movement with your children, your grandchildren! Warmly welcomed to the House of Courcelles, Clara will guide you in sensitive explorations in the presence of trees, body games, relaxing movements, proposals to live with your family on your return.
>  Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th May 2018
Maison de Courcelles in Courcelles-Sur-Aujon
Rates *: full board and family dance 100 euros per adult / 65 euros per child / large family and small budget contact us.

The movement of the being is a space of attention and care for oneself in a setting of listening and benevolence. Yoga, meditation, sensitive explorations in motion accompany this day. Choreographic workshops for adults and teenagers led by Clara Cornil.
> Sunday 8 April and 10 June 2018
from10h to 17h 
/ SIMONE – camp d’entraînement artistique, Châteauvillain.
Rates for the day *: 45 euros / 28 euros (students, couples, job seekers)

The yoga of T. Krisnamacharva’s lineage invites us to explore the body-breath-mind relationship in consciousness. Meditation in a circle followed by sharing proposes an inner way of listening and welcoming all the dimensions of being.
> Thursdays May 3 and 24, June 7 and 14, 2018
18h yoga – 19h meditation (contact us for the rest of the calendar) / SIMONE – artistic training camp, Châteauvillain.
Rates *: 12 euros full price, 8 euros reduced rate, 16 euros for the evening yoga and meditation

As part of the national operation C’est mon patrimoine!, The Decisives offers in 2018 two dance courses for children from 5 to 12 years. These five-day courses bring together children from the countryside and the new district of the city of Langres. “Dance in the orchard” will take place this summer in the beautiful site of the abbey of Auberive. The stay will focus on sharing with the children various angles of awakening, perception, relationship, knowledge and practices of the body in relation to the environment. An artistic, empirical and creative approach proposed by Clara Cornil and Blandine Minot will guide children during explorations to meet the natural environment and the specific architecture of the abbey.
> from Monday 9 to Friday 13 July
from 10h to 17h / L’abbaye d’Auberive (52).
Public rendition on July 13 at 17:30 at the abbey of Auberive (52). In the fall, we will meet at the Courcelles House in Courcelles-sur-Aujon for “Danse en forêt” which will take place during the holidays of All Saints’ Day.
> from monday 22 to friday october 26
from 14h to 17h / Maison Courcelles in Saint-Loup-sur-Aujon (52) Public return on Friday, October 26 at 17:30.
Rates *: 110 euros internship, -10% for siblings, ANCV holiday vouchers are accepted, contact us for MSA vouchers.

La Terre en nous is an invitation to connect with our deep nature in all its dimensions and impulses of realization. Through the reception of sensory perceptions, open to a subtle, energetic and cellular reception, to welcome and live the interconnection with the Living in the physical body. Meditations, sensory explorations, dance movements, marches, silence, sharing and simplicity pass through these days. The Earth in us is guided by Clara and David. > August 3rd to August 5th
from 17h / Auberive (52) in the heart of the future National Park of Champagne and Burgundy forests.
Rates * include internship, accommodation and meals. Organic vegetarian meals are prepared by us. Small budget contact us. 420 euros / 400 euros before July 1st / couple, job seeker, student 360 euros * Information and registration: 06 64 25 44 36 * The annual membership of Les Decisifs association is 15 euros for all the activities of the 2017-18 artistic season.